The St. Mary's County Bar Association

"Lawyers are entrusted with the privilege of practicing law. They take a firm vow or oath to uphold the Constitution and laws of the United States and the State of Maryland. Lawyers enjoy a distinct position of trust and confidence that carries the significant responsibility and obligation to be caretakers for the system of justice that is essential to the continuing existence of a civilized society. Each lawyer, therefore, as a custodian of the system of justice, must be conscious of this responsibility and exhibit traits that reflect a personal responsibility to recognize, honor, and enhance the rule of law in this society. The Ideals and some characteristics set forth below are representative of a value system that lawyers must demand of themselves as professionals in order to maintain and enhance the role of legal professionals as the protectors of the rule of law." Preamble - Md. Rules Appx. Professionalism (2016)

The St. Mary's County Bar Association, was founded as a voluntary association for attorneys who live or regularly practice law in St. Mary's County in 1947. Our members consist of law clerks, lawyers, and Judges.  

The mission of the St. Mary's County Bar Association is to provide service and leadership to the public and to the profession, to provide to all people of St. Mary's County access to and awareness of the law, and to promote respect for and satisfaction in the  profession.